Automotive industry

Efficient production processes are an essential aspect in the automotive industry. Components must be joined with high precision and installed with consistent quality. A worker will perform the same task many times a day at the workplace. This may be insertion of various parts into the car body, or installation of the front and rear hatch. Millimetre-precision is required for this. The lifting column ZH90 helps. With it, the worker can easily grip, lift, move and balance parts weighing up to 300 kg with minimal effort. Grippers customised to the task ensure clean execution. The lifting axle ZH90 is flexible for manual, collaborative and fully automatic use. For example, the lifting axle ZH90 is able to take over programmed processes, such as collection of parts and return to the installation site. At the same time, the lifting axle ZH90 permits manual operation by the worker at any time.

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