Are high temperatures, liquid steel, liquid aluminium or plastic, sand cores, hot parts, cast moulds, casting dies and many different casting methods are daily challenges for you? Do not worry. The lifting axle ZH90 can be used in these areas and in the entire foundry industry easily as well. Where sand cores and cast parts must be moved, turned and precisely relocated, the lifting axle ZH90 offers relief for the employees/workers.

In addition to relieving the workers, the lifting axle ZH90 can collaborate or be used fully automatically. At Zeilhofer HHT, for example, the lifting aid supports the worker in transporting and depositing parts or components of all kinds.

The lifting axle ZH90 shortens the cycle time while increasing quality and providing optimal protection for the worker. Use the lifting axle ZH90 as a collaborating partner for difficult handling in the foundry industry.

Would you like to know how the lifting axle ZH90 can support your workers, collaborate with them and protect them at the same time?
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