Foodstuffs industry

We eat meat, cheese, pastry and sweets every day, without wasting a thought on their production. This often requires the movement of various heavy loads. Sometimes, they have to be carried. Boxes, cartons, bags and many different types of food are lifted, partially emptied and transferred. This work is often performed in detrimental and non-ergonomic postures. This puts a strain on the body, ability to work and health.

When handling heavy loads, the lifting axle ZH90 offers relief in compliance with all provisions and directives of the food industry. It can be installed as a customised complete solution in various production sites and rooms. You can either control the lifting axle ZH90 manually or have it grip, move and put down various products automatically. Put an end to heavy physical work. Use the strength of the lifting axle ZH90 for your production or craft.

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