Pneumatic or electrical running cart drive and path measuring systems for moving the lifting axis ZH90.
Patented, compact and light-weight aluminium build with great stability.
Performance from a single source: Lifting axis ZH90 with individual, customer-specific device.
Compact control ZH90 with many different collaborating functions based on customer requirements.
Extension or synchronous extension to take up off-centre loads.
Individual connection for many different rail systems.
Smooth operation of pivot bearings for turning the lifting axis ZH90.

A diverse partner: The new lifting axis ZH90

The new lifting axis ZH90, with its diverse expansion options is a reliable partner. Where heavy loads need to be lifted, moved and shifted, the lifting axis ZH90 makes work easier, saves previous time, increases efficiency and allows precise execution of work, all while protecting workers and their health.


Relieves any workplace

The new lifting axle ZH90 works with you and for you.

Use the lifting axle ZH90 to transport, move and lift objects with different weights and properties as easily as if they were moving on their own. Only little strength is needed.

As a modular system, the lifting axle ZH90 can be used in nearly any area and any workplace.

Discover possible applications.


Diverse uses

Lifting, moving, swivelling, turning and relocating.

Thanks to the newly developed construction kit system and flexible expansions, the lifting axle ZH90 has diverse manual, collaborative or fully automatic uses.

The Zeilhofer lifting tool makes weight irrelevant.

Learn more about its functions.

Technical Data

Basis for any complete solution

The patented lifting axle ZH90 by Zeilhofer HHT is a pneumatically, electropneumatically or electrically powered lifting tool.

Its options make it the basis for any complete solution for your specific application. In spite of a lightweight build of aluminium, it can easily lift weights of up to 1,000 kg and move them without effort.

Learn more about the technical details and specifications, or have a look at the lifting axle ZH90 in action.

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