The new lifting axis ZH90: Your partner for heavy loads

The new lifting axis ZH90 with its diverse expansion options is a reliable partner in many industries and applications.

Is your operation one where various objects need to be moved? Anything goes.

Contact us. We will help you find a solution.


Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the lifting axis ZH90 will perform high-precision tasks, shorten cycle times, increase quality and relieve the worker.

Glas- und Fensterindustrie

Glass and window industry

The lifting axis ZH90 moves heavy glass and windowpanes without damage.


Food industry

The lifting axis ZH90 supports you in moving heavy loads. It complies with all provisions and directives of the food industry.


Logistics industry

The lifting axis ZH90 ensures a smooth materials flow. Goods are moved manually or automatically with minimal effort.



The lifting axis ZH90 can be used easily in the foundry as well. It relieves and protects the worker alike.

Ihre Branche ist nicht dabei?

Is your industry not mentioned?

The lifting axis ZH90 has flexible uses. We will gladly advise you on how to design your workplace ergonomically to relieve your workers.

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